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Reason #1 why you should vote for The Vamps for Vevo LIFT

Perrie Edwards and her uncontrollable food addiction.

current favorite show - red band society



Legendary Wolf.

i dont think teen wolf has actualy ever topped this moment.

Literally called him “Juicy Jackson” for the remainder of his time on the show just because of this moment


ten seasons [Sam&Dean ~Jared&Jensen]

We found love right where we are.

"This morning when I was waiting for him to come out, I wanted to be there for him. But really, I was counting on him being there for me. So I wouldn’t feel so … a l o n e.” 

New York Moves (may 2014)

'True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know you're great, you have no need to hate.'

I think people will be amazed at my ribbon dancing skills. Ribbon dancing is an art form that I feel I possess in my inner soul. I think everything else has just been like a kind of detour and I’ve now found my final destination which is ribbon dancing.